Mila Yogurt

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exclusive distributors in Italy


Made with milk from the mountains of Alto Adige, Mila yoghurt is well-known as a top quality product. The milk is collected from the mountain farms every day and processed in the Mila plant in Bolzano where the yoghurt is made and shipped.
Dispensa Zaniboni distributes Mila yogurt to Vending operators all over Italy, managing orders to ensure a 30 days of shell life to the product.


Available for vending in 2 formats:

1) Drink 200g, drinking yoghurt. A modern and handy bottle for a thirst quenching and nutritious break, great for any time of the day. Available in 7 different flavours: 4 classic flavours (strawberry, banana, peach, apple) and 3 brand new flavours (red fruits and cereal, tropical, soft fruits). The bottle fits into the single spiral of vending machines.

2) Gusto+Gusto 150g of creamy yoghurt + cereal or crispies, this is for everyone who is looking for a healthy and natural food without having to give up on pleasure and taste. As good as a dessert, as fresh and light as a yoghurt. Available in 6 different flavours: vanilla yoghurt with chocolate loops, natural yoghurt with almonds and chocolate, natural yoghurt with bilberries, natural yoghurt with cherries, coconut yoghurt with chocolate crispies, pear yoghurt with chocolate crispies. It comes in a handy double pot complete with spoon.