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This is the ideal Vending answer for fruit lovers: 100g of blended fruit which equals one of your five a day at a really economical price.

Frulla’ is made with 100% fruit, which is the reason it is considered a food and not a drink. It has no added preservatives or sugar and is made using only the pulp of the fruit (without peel and seeds).
Frullà comes in a handy flexible, resilient, space-saving doypack which can fit in your pocket and can be reclosed by its screw on cap. Something different to eat during the day.

The product is room temperature stored and its shelf life is 12 months because of an innovative production technology which stabilizes the fruit by removing microbic contamination without using any preservatives.

Available in 3 flavours: strawberry & bilberry, banana & pear, apple & pear.
ORGANIC version also available.