Alba Bocaditos

exclusive distributors in Italy

p 0006

Crunchy oven-baked bread filled with natural ingredients and olive oil.

Original Spanish bocaditos, without preservatives and colourings.
Oven-baked (not fried), crunchy and with a low sodium content.

Very particular snack – crunchy, full of flavour and right for any time of the day.
A hunger-pang stopper, ideal accompaniment to an aperitif with friends, a pleasant break during the day and, why not.... with food instead of bread.

Available in the following flavours:

  • tomato and oregano
  • ham and tomato
  • cheese and onion
  • garlic and parsley


  • 35-g individual serving for impulse buys from vending machines and bars
  • 80 / 110-g family pack for supermarkets and grocer’s shops

Tomake the buys easy, display boxes are available for bars and supermarkets.