Insalatona (rice and tuna)

exclusive distributors in Italy

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A complete ready meal (240g) which can also be eaten away from home, INSALATONA does not need heating and comes with its own fork so you can eat it straight out of the handy plastic tub.

It can be kept outside the fridge and is ideal for taking to work, school, on a journey or for a picnic, or even at home if you are looking for a quick bite to eat.

It meets the demands of consumers who are looking for a good, quick and inexpensive lunch. Thanks to its low price, it represents a real alternative to a lunch break in a bar or canteen.

No added preservatives: effective heat treatment guarantees the stability and wholesomeness of the product for the entire shelf life.
The ingredients are uniformly mixed with no oil resting at the bottom of the tub.
Gli ingredienti sono omogeneamente miscelati, senza accumulo di olio sul fondo.

It is also ideal for anyone on a low-calorie diet which recommends never exceeding 400Kcal per meal.
Our sales channels are: Vending, supermarkets, bars, gas station shops, grocer’s shops, Cash & Carry.