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Combo: bread and salami, a perfect combination.

In an aluminium foil package (50g), 5-month shelf life at unrefrigerated temperatures (up to 20°C), this is something between a simple snack and a sandwich offering a unique alternative in the usual range of savoury snacks.

Ideal for a quick, complete snack, to be eaten straight away on-the-go or to be tucked away in your bag to be unwrapped whenever you want. Always ready!
It is cheap, safe and reliable from a quality and food-safe point of view; it is tasty and attractive in terms of flavour and enhanced by a slight hint of smokiness.

This result is thanks to the totally innovative production technology and preservation process used, which is still in line with traditional salami production.

Because it is easy to manage, this product is particularly suited for on-the-go catering.

Our sales channels are: Vending, bars, gas station shops, grocer’s shops, hypermarkets and supermarkets.